To communicate and act on issues important to car and truck rental leasing companies in Alabama.
The association was founded to keep members informed of present and proposed national, state, and local legislation and regulation affecting all phases of the industry. Catrala also provides a forum to exchange ideas and facilitate communication and understanding with other organizations having the similar objective of promoting sound public policy with respect to the motor vehicle renting and leasing industry.
To be THE organization that provides information to and represents the car and truck rental and leasing industry in Alabama.
For more information, call Rusty Bedsole at (251)- 633-4745 ext. 4
Legislative Accomplishments
-Rental/leasing companies no longer responsible for traffic ticket incurred by driver of vehicle

-Class C felony not to pay for or return rental of long term lease vehicle

-Secured a 1.5% lease and rental tax vs. 2% sales tax

P.O. Box 361705
Hoover, AL 35236
Individually we struggle to be heard. Collectively we cannot be ignored.